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Опрыскивание Коды Платформы Моталки

Базовая информация

Модель: HSFJ-320

Описание продукта

Основные Технические Параметры:


1. Adopted module photoelectric rectifying system.
2. The discharger and feeder are controlled by a magnetic powder brake and a clutch(chose imported Mitsubishi automatic tension controller).
3. It can be equipped with an additional infrared drier and UV drying system.
4. The main motor adopts stepless governor converter.
5. It can be equipped with injectors ranging from different specifications like hp, Saier.
6. It can finish the processing from feeding paper, rectifying, spraying codes, drying and winding in on process, featuring stable paper route. It is a choice equipment for the printing houses to spray codes on the products.

Model HSFJ-320

Printing speed

Max web width 320mm
Max spraying code width 300mm
Max feedging diameter


Max rolling diameter Φ600mm
Power Supply Voltage 220V±10%
Main Motor Power


Total Power


Weight (about)1000kg
Overall dimension 2600x950x1200mm
code spraying plat

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